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The Puzzle Connection website, developed by educators, is dedicated to all who enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, want to stay mentally active throughout life, would like to learn about the subject of the puzzle or wish to create a special jigsaw puzzle. Working with jigsaw puzzles is an excellent activity to relieve the stress of daily life especially when enjoyed with others.

This website features Photo ColorOn-Graphics®, a series of thematic, interactive, educationally designed jigsaw puzzles that adds another dimension to learning (see the diagram below). Photo ColorOn-Graphics® is especially appropriate at this time - fitting the national education plan to develop interest in and positive attitudes towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) leading to career choices in these fields. Our philosophy sees Photo ColorOn-Graphics® used as an interdisciplinary, holistic tool with STEM initiatives by creative individuals.



Enjoy Photo ColorOn-Graphics® jigsaw puzzles by coloring the line illustrations with crayons, colored pencils and/or markers. Photo ColorOn-Graphics® uses coloring as a technique for learning about a subject of interest. This interactive experience is useful in learning terminology and complex systems or structures that are illustrated. Visual literacy is developed as one makes associations that can be connected to a variety of learning skills and higher levels of thinking that can be coupled with using Internet research. The center photograph in Photo ColorOn-Graphics® gives visual information that conveys connections between key details and the focal point of the jigsaw puzzle. The eight panels facilitate in comprehending the puzzle’s subject as a result of sequencing objects and/or events.


Photo ColorOn-Graphics® jigsaw puzzles enable any creative individual to have fun learning throughout life.  Educators with their students can create their own Photo ColorOn-Graphics® as part of a unit of study. Non-profit organizations can use Photo ColorOn-Graphics® as an interpretive tool. Private and corporate sectors can utilize Photo ColorOn-Graphics® as a marketing tool for their products. (Contact us for permission and further information.)


NOTE: The concept of Photo ColorOn-Graphics® was created by Mikki Weiss.

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